The First Step to Creating a Business That Works Without You

The First Step to Creating a Business That Works Without You

Do you often feel trapped in your business? Would you like to spend less time on it and free up your time? You’re not alone… you see most business owners went into business to have more freedom… to make more money and have more time off. But instead, they end up getting stuck in their […]

5 Tools to Help Systemise Your Business

5 Tools to Help Systemise Your Business

Are you looking to systemise your business but not sure where to start? Many business owners understand the importance of systemisation, yet the process can often seem daunting. Learn these five essential tools that can pave the way for efficient and effective business systemisation. 1) Your Smartphone Your smartphone is more than just a communication […]

How to Quickly Systemise Your Business

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Most business owners know that systemising their business is a good idea. In fact, if you do a task without writing it down, you’re going to be destined to repeat it forever. So why do most business owners never get around to systemising their business? There are two main reasons: 1) They are too busy […]

5 Steps to Systemising Your Business

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Often in a small business nothing is documented.  The systems are all in people’s heads. This means that things end up being done inconsistently. Different people end up doing it different ways… which is not good for your customer, not good for your business and not good for you. Or worse still things get forgotten […]

How to Stop Getting the Same Questions from Your Staff

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Are you often getting interrupted with questions from your staff? Are they often asking the same thing over and over again? These questions can cause interruptions in your day and also stops your staff from getting on and doing the job that they need to do. Often the root cause of this is the way […]

How to Make Your Business More Efficient

How to Make Your Business More Efficient

Do you have a sense that parts of your business are inefficient? Quite often a lot of inefficiencies happen because you have no or poor systems.  Or there are bottlenecks happening in particular parts of your business. To address this, take the time to step back and look at the flow of what is happening […]

Processes and People In Your Business

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Get your business humming along with these two key areas. Businesses fundamentally run on some key processes. For example, the process of acquiring customers, or the process of getting a specific task completed. Processes enable your business to run smoothly if they are followed consistently. Without them, it would be difficult to achieve repeatable and […]

Getting Things Done Right The First Time

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How often do things get done right the first time in your business? When things are not done right the first time, it will end up costing you time and money, which can be quite frustrating. For example, an electrician turns up only to find out that he had ran out of some materials that […]


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