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Business Planning Tips

Every business must have a solid plan.  Planning is about getting your priorities right.  Imagine if you started building a house without a plan – you would end up with a mess!  The same happens in business.  By having a clear plan you can systematically build the business you have always dreamed of. 

Planning starts with setting an overall vision for where you are heading and then setting clear goals and direction for the next 12 months.  From there you need to ensure you are working on the important things each month and week that are aligned with your overall goals.

Check out the tips below on how you can improve your business planning

2. How to Have More Holidays From Your Business

How to Have More Holidays From Your Business

Would you like to have more time off from your business this year?  Being a business owner, you can often be very busy. There is always lots to do with a seemingly never-ending to-do list….customers to follow-up, quotes to get out, jobs to do… all the different things you need to run your business.  Sometimes you even feel like you’re

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2. How to Stay Focused as a Business Owner

How to Stay Focused as a Business Owner

Would you like to be more focused as business owner? Before answering this, the big question is why do we lose focus? One of the biggest reasons why we can lose focus is that we never had clarity in the first place. We never had something that kept our attention long enough in our business to focus in on. And

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4 steps to achieving your dreams 1

4 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams in Business

Do you often feel like you’re stuck in a loop, going through the motions of your business without really making progress towards your goals? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners find themselves in this position, and it can be discouraging. But the good news is that there are steps you can take to get back on track and

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The Importance of Setting Goals When You Start Your Business

It is important to set goals when you first start your business. Here’s why… When people first start a business they generally just get started. They go ‘I’m tired working hard for someone else’.  ‘I’m going to go out on my own and reap the benefits of being my own boss’.  The goal becomes all about starting rather than looking

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how to create your ideal busines

How to Create Your Ideal Business

Too many small business owners are caught up in the day-to-day running of things.  And often they are just in survival mode. They are keeping their business running. They are paying the bills, but the business is the same year after year after year. In many cases, in one year’s time they are going to be a year older.  But

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The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Small Business

The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Small Business

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind of running your business, hoping that one day things will magically get better? Or perhaps you’ve hit a certain age and realised that you haven’t achieved everything you had imagined for your business? If you can relate to and y of these, then it’s time to consider the importance of

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3 things that could stop you fro 1

3 Things That Could Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

How do you feel about the results you achieved in your business last year? For many businesses last year was quite a challenging year. Perhaps you kicked some of your goals but didn’t quite get everything that you wanted to done?  Or maybe last year is a year you would rather forget. Having a successful small business needs to happen

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how to set clear goals for your

How To Set Clear Goals For Your Business

Many business owners get caught up in the day to day running of their business. And after a while they get deflated and lose their drive because they feel that they do not know which direction they are heading in. If this happens for too long you can lose motivation as well. The solution? Set yourself some clear goals. By

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