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Sales Business Tips

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. It all starts with the conversion of the opportunities you get and then the optimisation of those opportunities.

Make sure you have a really great sales process in place, so you are converting your enquiries into customers… and that you are maximising every opportunity you are given.  This includes things like scripts, templates, and tools to make things easier for you.  Be sure to include processes to follow up the enquiries you get, as this is a sure-fire way to win more business.

Check out the tips below on how you can improve the sales in your business

3. 5 ways to convert more business

5 Ways to Convert More Business

Are you looking to convert more of those promising leads into sales? Too many businesses are leaving money on the table with leads slipping through the cracks, never to return. Think about it. You have already done the hard work generating the lead or preparing the quote…so it makes sense to put focused effort on converting these opportunities into business.

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2. How to Make More Money on Your Next Sale

How to Make More Money On Your Next Sale

Do you want to make more money on the next job that you do or the next customer that you serve? Too many small business owners leave too much cash on the table because they just get in and do the job at hand. They only focus on serving the customer and fail to look beyond what the customer has

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How to Get Your Quotes Out Faster

How to Get Your Quotes Out Faster

      Are you often chasing your tail trying to get your quotes out on time?     Maybe you are so busy that you send your quote late or don’t even quote at all. This becomes a real problem and costs you business if you’re trying to win new business or trying to get someone to do repeat

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how to document your sales proce

How To Document Your Sales Process Effectively

Would you like to improve the sales of your business? When it comes to improving sales, most small business owners think “I need to do more marketing!” or “I need to generate more leads!”. But when was the last time you sat down and took some time to improve your conversion rate, or the process of converting all the leads

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stop losing business to price co

Stop Losing Business to Price Competiton

Are you tired of losing business to price competition? When one or more of your competitors cut their price and you’ve missed out it can be very tempting to cut your price and try and compete in this competitive marketplace. The problem becomes if you start winning work on price then you can also lose it on price… and someone

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how to convert more quotes with

How to Convert More Quotes With Effective Follow-Up

Do you do quotes for your business? Increasing the conversion rate of your quotes can be as simple as having an effective follow-up system. You’ve done the hard work in getting the enquiries you want. You have worked out a proposal, a quote, made some measurements or had further discussions. It only makes sense to put some time and effort

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how to make your quotes stand ou 2

How To Make Your Quotes Stand Out

People tend to seek multiple quotes before they make a decision on who they are going to use, especially with higher-priced jobs and items. So, when you are giving your customers a quote, you should bear in mind that your quote is probably not the only quote they have received. And if your quote is about the same as everyone

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how to effectively follow up you

How To Effectively Follow-Up Your Customer Enquiries

How well are you following up with your customer enquiries? Are they followed-up in a timely and professional manner? How you do things in your business sets the tone and pace for your customers. The way you are responding to the enquiries from your existing and potential customers says a lot about your business. If you are great at following

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