What To Do When You Get Stuck In Your Business

what to do when you get stuck in

Are you feeling stuck in a particular area of your business? When you get stuck in your business, you can get worried, you can get anxious, you can get frustrated and go, “how am I going to get out of this rut, how am I going to get out of this situation?”. Worrying about it […]

What To Do When You Feel Alone in Business

1. What To Do When You Feel Alone In Business

We speak to a lot of business owners and are often amazed at how often people in small business think they are all alone. And we understand that. Running your business can be a lonely place. Quite often as a small business owner you think ‘hey, the problems I am going through or the challenges […]

One Key Thing Successful Business Owners Do

1. One Key Thing Successful Business Owners Do

What separates an average business from a successful one? There are a number of things, but one that stands out is: successful business owners will work ‘ON’ their business. See, most small business owners are really good at their profession or trade, so they spend far too much time working ‘IN’ their business.  This is […]

Don’t Let Your Mind Take You Out

1. Don’t Let Your Mind Take You Out

Do you often worry about things that are about to happen in your business?  In some cases, you are your biggest enemy. Often things that happen in your mind can take you out because you’ve built up a story up about what’s about to happen rather than what actually happens. Let’s explore the notion of […]

Simple Tips To Improving Business Results

simple tips to improving busines

Getting business results is very similar to achieving good health and fitness. Both require effort, discipline and consistency. So, here are four simple tips you can apply to improving business outcomes: 1) There are no magic pills It takes discipline and consistency. There are no magic pills. Working on your business to achieve the outcomes […]

What Are You Grateful for In Your Business?

what are you grateful for in you

Usually in business, when problems arise and when things are not working out, you will tend focus on the negative things, the problems and what is not working. This can send your business into a vicious downward spiral. In that moment, you can often forget to look at what you have done right. You can […]

The Importance of Asking Better Questions In Your Business

1. Importance Of Asking Better Questions In Your Business

You might have heard the famous saying that “nothing is impossible“. When working towards your desired outcomes, it is always important not to take anything at face value. There is always a way around issues in every situation. Consider this situation: You have broken your foot a few weeks before a very important business conference […]

Where Are You Working Hard, Instead of Smart, In Your Business?

where are you working hard inste

Are there areas of your business where you are working harder instead of smarter? Working hard is one of the keys to success but only if you work hard on the right things. Here are four things for you to consider to help you work smarter in your business so you can really get ahead: […]

How You Can Move Your Business Forward by Learning the Lesson

2. How You Can Move Your Business Forward By Learning The Lesson

Have you ever been in the place where the same mistakes or situations keep happening in your business no matter how you attempt to solve it? These repetitive problems can frustrate you, and even your team. It can possibly frustrate your customers too. No matter where you are in your business, seeking the right advice […]

Where Are You Putting Yourself In Your Business?

where are you putting yourself i

Where you put yourself in your business can have a great impact on how you feel about your business and ultimately your results especially if you are you putting others’ needs ahead of your own. Do you put yourself first or last? On an airplane, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on […]

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