How to Run Effective Meetings


Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that just seemed to waffle on?

Or been part of meetings where things get talked about, but nothing ever gets done?

Poorly run meetings are unproductive and a waste of time and money.

But done well, effective meetings can be a great communication tool.

Want to run effective meetings in your business?  Then follow these 4 tips…

1) Set Up Your Meeting Rhythm

The first tip is to set up your meeting rhythm. Often, meetings happen randomly, and there is no set time and place for them. By formalizing these meetings and having a set pattern or rhythm, you are more likely to be able to get things done. This will also bring more accountability and focus to the meetings, making them more effective.

2) Ensure Your Meetings are Outcome Focused

The second tip is to ensure that all meetings are outcome-focused. It is essential to know the purpose of the meeting and what outcomes you want to achieve. Whether it’s making a decision, planning an event, or solving a problem, have one or two outcomes for a meeting. Having too many outcomes can make the meeting unfocused and unproductive. It’s better to have a couple of meetings with one or two outcomes than one with ten.

3) Have a Clear Agenda for Each Meeting

The third tip is to have a clear agenda. Work out the items, timeframes, and who will be responsible for each part by mapping out an agenda. Also, work out what pre-work might need to be done. Do people need to review some things before the meeting? By having a clear agenda, you can ensure that the meeting will be effective and productive.

4) Capture Commitments and Actions

The fourth tip is to capture commitments. Always capture commitments from the meeting in writing. This can be in the form of minutes, but it’s preferable to turn it into something in a task management system like Asana. Alternatively, you can use Excel or Google sheets. Make sure that every action is captured, including what needs to happen, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done. This will ensure that all commitments are captured and that the meeting is more effective as a useful communication tool in your business.


In summary, running effective meetings is crucial for any business. By following these tips you can ensure that your meetings are productive, outcome-focused, have a clear agenda, and capture all commitments. This will help you to achieve your business goals and make the most of your time and resources.


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Free Guide:
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