How to Build a Consistent Flow of Leads in Your Business

Is your lead flow a rollercoaster, with surges one month and droughts the next?  

Many businesses face this challenge because rely on just one or two marketing strategies. 

And the problem with depending on just a couple of strategies is that if one falters due to an algorithm change or shifting market sentiment, your lead flow can come to a screeching halt. 

So, what’s the solution?

Marketing Parthenon

Imagine constructing a ‘Marketing Parthenon’ for your business. Picture the ancient Greek Parthenon with its sturdy columns supporting a robust structure. In this analogy, the columns represent your marketing strategies, and the roof is your lead flow. The goal is to have multiple strong columns supporting your lead flow, ensuring consistency and stability. 

To build your Marketing Parthenon, follow the ’10 by 10′ rule. Aim for 10 marketing strategies, each contributing around 10% of your leads. While you may not achieve exactly 10% from each, the idea is to diversify your lead sources, spreading the risk. If one column falters, you still have others performing. This approach strengthens your marketing engine. 

But here’s where it gets even more powerful: what if each of your 10 columns had its own ’10 by 10′? This means each strategy you employ has sub-strategies, further reducing risk and increasing your marketing’s resilience. It means if any one of those strategies fails or bombs or is not working for a little while, you’ve still got other strategies working for your lead generation.  

How to Build Your Marketing Parthenon

So how do you construct your Marketing Parthenon or your 10 by 10? You start by selecting your core strategies.  

  • If you currently have only a few strategies, that’s okay; you can add more over time. 
  • Focus on quality over quantity—prioritise strategies that attract your ideal clients. You don’t want to keep wasting money and energy on ineffective marketing. 
  • Testing and measurement is vital. Identify what’s working, and double down on those strategies, and discard what’s not. 
  • Consider adding one new marketing pillar to your business every quarter or six months. This gradual approach helps you build a robust and consistent lead flow over time. 


Incorporating these principles will transform your business’s lead generation, giving you the steady, reliable flow you need for growth. So, go for it!  Start building your Marketing Parthenon and experience consistent leads in your business. 

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Free Guide:
7 Deadly Mistakes

That Sabotage Business Growth (and how to avoid them)