How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your marketing?

You see, when most people work on their marketing they focus on the strategy. i.e. How they’re going to do it. I’m going to run some ads. I’ll drop off some flyers. I’m going to advertise on Facebook or whatever it might be. While this is important and is where the ‘rubber hits the road’ there are some key questions to ask before you do this.

Because jumping straight to the strategy, you are leaving things to chance. You are not giving your marketing the best chance to produce the number of leads that you want… and also the right quality of leads.

So to stack the odds in your favour. Ask yourself these five questions to ensure your marketing is as effective as possible:

1) Who is the specific customer I am targeting?

The first question you want to ask is Who? And to get an idea of who your who is you want to work out what type of work are you going for. Is it high-end renovations? Is it bread and butter electrical work? Is it doing work for builders? Whatever that type of work is, you have got to work out who is that specific buyer? Who is that person you are after? You can imagine the who for the different types of work mentioned earlier are quite different. So rather than trying to be everything to everyone, go after a particular who. Go after a particular type of work and think about who would most likely get that type of work done. i.e. who are you targeting with your marketing?

2) Where can I find them in high concentrations?

The next question is Where? Where can I find those types of people in high concentrations? For example, if you are targeting high-end renovation work. There will be certain suburbs where those people are most likely to be living or working. Chances are they will be working with a designer or an architect. You will find that they are dealing with certain types of businesses. They are reading certain types of magazines for ideas. This step is about getting clear where you can find your target customer. And this will have a large influence on what strategy is going to work best to reach them.

3) What is important to them?

Next ask What? What is important to them? What is it that they want to buy? This will be different based on who you are targeting. For example, someone building their dream home versus building their first home. Each would have very different reasons around what they are building. Some people may want the best job and the best quality and a result that’s going to last for years and years. Others may just want something that is going to get the job done because they know they will be moving in another year or two. For your marketing to be effective you want to get clear on what’s important to the buyer you are targeting.

4) Why should they buy from you?

The next question is Why? Why buy from you? What sets you apart from your competition? Why would they choose you over all the other providers out there? This comes down to your points of difference. This is your uniqueness. Before you do any marketing you want to be clear on why you are different. By incorporating this into you marketing, it is going to set you apart in from others in your market. It will help your marketing stand out and you’ll get much better results.

5) How should you target them?

Finally, it’s time to work out the best strategy. This is where you ask How? How will you reach your target market? What is going to be the best way to target someone? What message is going to be best for them? And by asking the previous questions upfront, this step becomes much easier. And when you start running some marketing campaigns, it’s going to give you a much better result. You’ll get more leads… plus you are going to get more of the right type of leads.

So to recap. Before you do any marketing or if you want to improve the marketing you are already doing. Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Who? Who are you targeting? What type of customer are you after?
  2. Where? Where can I find those types of customers in high concentration?
  3. What? What do they want to buy? What’s important to them? This will be different depending on who you are targeting.
  4. Why? Why do they want to deal with you? What’s going to set you apart from your competition?
  5. How? How will you reach them in the most targeted and cost effective way?

So ask yourself those questions now.

By doing this, you’ll improve the effectiveness of your marketing. You may even find different ways to target the type of work you are after. And best of all it will help your marketing dollar go further so you get greater returns.

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Free Guide:
7 Deadly Mistakes

That Sabotage Business Growth (and how to avoid them)