How to Get Your Staff to Buy Into Your Vision 

Do you ever feel that you and your team are pulling in different directions?  

Or that people are just showing up for the bare minimum to get things done?  

Getting all your staff heading in the same direction, starts with having a clear vision

In fact, you probably already know where you want your business to go… 

And when you get your staff on board you will get there quicker. 

So let’s explore some keys to getting everyone onboard with the vision for your business. 

1) Share the Journey 

Start by sharing your journey so far. Reflect on your achievements, why you got into the business, and the important decisions you have made over the years. It’s crucial for anyone joining the business to understand where you have come from to know where you are going. Articulate key milestones and achievements to create a shared understanding. 

2) Document Your Vision 

Your vision should enrol and inspire your team, as well as yourself. Even though it might be in your head, take the time to write it down. This provides clarity of thought and makes it easier to share. Answer important questions: “Where are you going? What do you aim to achieve? Who will you help?” Now, sometimes your vision might be to be the number one at something, or number one in your industry. Other times it is about the impact you are having. For example, the Alzheimer’s Association vision is ‘A world without Alzheimer’s’.  That’s a big vision which creates a big game to play. But it’s okay to have smaller visions too. What matters is that this vision inspires you personally. 

3) Make Your Vision Come Alive with Goals 

Your vision is like a dream or a big unattainable goal. To make it more achievable and engaging for your team, break it down into bite-sized chunks. Where do you see the business in 5 years? In one year? In six months? Setting these goals demonstrates your commitment and progress. When people feel the progress and see a bright future, they’re more likely to stick around and contribute to achieving your vision. 

To get your staff to buy into your vision, document the journey, write down your inspiring vision, and break it down into goals.  

This three-step process will help you create momentum and motivation behind the vision you have set for your business… so that you achieve your goals quicker. 

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Free Guide:
7 Deadly Mistakes

That Sabotage Business Growth (and how to avoid them)