How to Stay on Top of the Important Things in Your Business

Have you ever felt like you do not have enough time to get on to some of the things you want to do in your business?

Have you ever found yourself trying to complete tasks after hours and the weekend so that you can keep on top of things?

To key to break this cycle is to keep on top of the important things in your business. These are the critical things that you know that should be happening each week that you may not have the time for.  Failing to do so and you’ll find yourself catching up after-hours or on the weekends just to stay on top of them.

Here are some simple steps on is how to stay on top of those important things.

1) Know what the important things are

What are those critical things that you know you should be doing in your business each week?  These are the things that will make your business successful and make your business easy to run.  This could be things like:

  • Responding to quotes in a timely manner;
  • Training your team so they do things right the first time;
  • Writing systems to make your business more efficient;
  • Implementing a new marketing campaign to generate more enquiries.

Be really clear on what the important things are for you and your business.

2) Block out time for those important things

Once you have identified them, block out time for those important things in your diary. I remember there was a time I was not going to the gym and my mentor at the time said to me, “Is it in your diary?”. And then I looked at my diary and there was not time set aside for it. So naturally, I was not doing it because I had not actually committed that to my plan. For each of your important things, put time aside in your diary with the amount of time that you know that you will need to get things done.

3) Communicate these times

This is a critical one. Who do you need to communicate these times to? If they are just in your diary but there are other people who can interrupt those times, then you’ll need to put mechanisms in place. It is like when a football player is running down the field, they might have the ball making a play, and the other players will protect or shepherd the player so they can execute on that play. The same is in your business. How do you need to be shepherded? Who needs to know not to call you during that time? Or how do you block out that time? You may even need to make yourself unavailable for that time and so you can get those things done.

4) Make sure you have a great, productive environment

To get the work done, you’ll need to make sure you have a productive environment.  What is your workspace like right now?  Is your desk a mess? Are there piles of paper everywhere? Start by making it tidy.  Next make sure you have all the information that you are going to need to get those things done. For example, if it is quoting, make sure you have all the information that you need to get your quoting done available. You’ll get a lot more done by making sure your environment is is productive and efficient and all the available materials are there.

So that is how you can get the important things done in your business each week.

  • Know what they are.
  • Set time aside and lock that time in your diary.
  • Communicate to the people that you need to communicate to, and
  • Make sure you have a great environment that supports you getting things done.

By following these steps, you will get a lot more done and your business will move further ahead and faster by doing things this way.

Free Guide:
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Free Guide:
7 Deadly Mistakes

That Sabotage Business Growth (and how to avoid them)