How to effectively train your team

How to effectively train your team

Is your team not performing as well as you’d like?  If not, it might be time to invest some time and money in training them.  You see for most businesses, training is ad hoc or doesn’t happen at all.  This means that training is ineffective and your team is not performing at the level they […]

How to Improve the Productivity of Your Staff

How to Improve the Productivity of Your Staff

Do you want your team to be more productive?  In the fast-paced world of business, productivity is the key to success.   And without clear guidance, your team will struggle to reach their full potential.  So to give your business the edge, here are three simple steps that can improve your team’s productivity:  1) Measure Performance  […]

The #1 People Mistake Small Business Owners Make 

5 Keys to Building a Winning Team

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is that they create a people-dependent business.     This happens when you hire and promote people based on their personalities and skills…  resulting in your business relying heavily on individuals.     This can cause problems when someone leaves or wants to take a […]

5 Keys to Building a Winning Team

5 Keys to Building a Winning Team

Building a high-performance team is crucial for the success of any business.   To unlock the full potential of your team, it’s important to understand what separates great-performing teams from poor-performing ones.   By implementing these 5 keys, you can create a cohesive and motivated team that drives your business forward.   Let’s dive into each key […]

How to Run Effective Meetings

how to run effective meetings

  Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that just seemed to waffle on? Or been part of meetings where things get talked about, but nothing ever gets done? Poorly run meetings are unproductive and a waste of time and money. But done well, effective meetings can be a great communication tool. Want to […]

How to Set the Right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Business

how to set the right key perform

Setting the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business can make all the difference in driving your business success. KPIs are a powerful tool, but many businesses struggle to use them effectively because they are unclear about where to start or they have too many KPIs to track. To help you with your KPIs, […]

How to Deal With Poor Performing Staff

how to deal with poor performing

Do you have a staff member that is underperforming? Are you ignoring it or tackling it head on? I find it all too common that a business owner holds back dealing with poor performing staff. They are worried if they push them too much it might lead to conflict or that the person may leave.  […]

How To Consistently Hit Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

how to consistently hit your key

Would you like to hit your Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) consistently in your business? Too often when it comes to KPIs in a business: There are none; They are unclear; or There are too many Each of these is a problem because it makes it hard for someone to hit their targets as they […]

How To Effectively Conduct Staff Performance Reviews

How To Effectively Conduct Staff Performance Reviews

Are you frustrated that your staff members are not performing as well as they should? If so, when was the last time you actually conducted performance reviews of your staff? It is essential as a small business owner that you review your staff performance regularly and effectively to maintain productivity and efficiency in your business. […]

Why You Should Stop Blaming People When Things Go Wrong In Your Business

why you should stop blaming peop

Have you encountered the same problems over and over again in your business? There could potentially be something wrong with your systems (or the lack of). Sometimes, when a problem comes up in a business, the first reaction can be to blame the person. And when we do this, we make the person at fault, […]


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