How to Build a Consistent Flow of Leads in Your Business

How to Build a Consistent Flow of Leads in Your Business

Is your lead flow a rollercoaster, with surges one month and droughts the next?   Many businesses face this challenge because rely on just one or two marketing strategies.  And the problem with depending on just a couple of strategies is that if one falters due to an algorithm change or shifting market sentiment, your lead […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer

Are you sick and tired of attracting the wrong type of customers with your marketing? Ones who waste your time or who are just shopping on price? Many business owners face this frustration and it is often caused by the type of marketing they are doing. They cast the marketing net wide and end up […]

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

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Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your marketing? You see, when most people work on their marketing they focus on the strategy. i.e. How they’re going to do it. I’m going to run some ads. I’ll drop off some flyers. I’m going to advertise on Facebook or whatever it might be. While this […]

The Secret to Winning More Work

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Many people when they start their business fall into the trap of taking on any type of work. It’s the old ‘no job too big, no job too small’. This leads to taking on whatever job will ‘pay the bills’. The problem with this is not all work is created equal. Sometimes a job ends […]

The Similarities Between Fishing and Marketing

the similarities between fishing

Here is an interesting analogy around the similarities between fishing and marketing. Have you considered how this could be applied to marketing your business? Firstly, one of the important things when it comes to marketing is where to market our product. With fishing, the very first thing we think about is where the fish are […]

Does Your Marketing Speak To Your Ideal Customer?

does your marketing speak to you

Have you ever felt like you are not getting the right type of customers for your business? If so, have you ever considered about what you have been doing as part of your marketing that is attracting them to you? How and where you market has a big impact on the type of enquiries you […]

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